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牆瑜伽 (Wall Yoga)

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課程介紹:牆瑜珈利用瑜伽牆、壁繩、軟墊腰帶、橫把以及其他輔具,增加牽引力與身體的延展,課堂上導師使用牆繩幫助學生抖正瑜伽式子的姿勢外,牆繩更能幫助學員在倒吊無重量的力量下,學習拉長身體。無論初學者或患有脊椎毛病或想挑戰更高難度的學員,都能滿足其要求,倒吊動作不單能拉長身體令呼吸改善外,亦能增加血液循環,達致抗衰老作用。 適合族群:適合辦公室工作經常頸痛腰痛人仕增進血液循環減低酸痛. Course Description: Wall Yoga uses walls, wall ropes, padded belts, crossbars and other accessories to increase traction and body extension . Instructors will use wall ropes as to help students to shake their postures in yoga style. students can learn to stretch their body under the power of hanging up without weightlifting . Whether it is for beginners or those with spinal problems or who want to challenge higher difficulty, they can also meet their requirements. The hanging movement can lengthen the body to improve breathing, and also increase blood circulation and achieve anti-aging effect. suitable for office workers , neck illness, back illness , for people who needs to improve blood circulation and reduce soreness.



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