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空中瑜伽 (Aerial Yoga)

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課程介紹:運用懸掛的絹布輔助,練習各式的瑜伽動作 透過掛布的彈力、延展、擺盪和旋轉,幫助練習者更容易完成平時在地板上較難完成的瑜伽動作 藉由地心引力,讓身體練習順勢或對抗 練習過程中會比其他瑜伽多練習到核心肌群和平常較少使用的肌肉群,此外,練習空中瑜伽,也可訓練身體的平衡感與協調感. 課程特色:放鬆筋肌、改善體態美感、加強核心肌群、增強平衡力. 適合族群:一般大眾、初學者、想加強訓練核心肌群及平衡力的人. Course Description: Using the hanging cloth to practice all kinds of yoga movements . For example like elastic, extension, swing and rotation of the hanging cloth . It helps students to easily complete the yoga movements which are difficult to complete on the floor, by gravity. Your body exercises more muscle groups than the other less frequently used muscles. In addition, practicing aerial yoga can also train the balance and coordination of the body. Course features: Relaxation muscles . Improve physical beauty, strengthen core muscles, and enhance balance. Suitable for general public, beginners, people with highly work pressure.



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